Connecticut SEOW Prevention Data Portal

The products developed by CPES and its prevention partners include presentations, fact sheets, maps, charts, and other graphic representations of data, as well as guidance and resource documents. Products are provided with the goal of making data accessible to all users, regardless of their data skills or knowledge.

The products on this page are free for use, with the proper attribution of data sources, listed authors, and the SEOW Prevention Data Portal.

For questions on product content or use, please email Jennifer Sussman, CPES Coordinator at UConn Health, or use the CPES Contact Form.

Presentations to the Alcohol and Drug Policy Council and the SEOW, 2018

Presentations at Connecticut Conferences, 2018

2018 Community Readiness Survey Results, Connecticut and DMHAS Regions

DMHAS Annual Reports

Guidance Documents

Maps of Connecticut Town-level Data

2016 Community Readiness Survey